Why Sustainable Travel is Important?

Are you also asking yourself why sustainable travel is important now more than ever? I feel passionate about sustainable travel since my collegiate years and it only has been amplified over the years as I get involved in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors in Asia and Europe.

In this modern-day tourism, people move and travel more than ever.  This imposes great risks not just to our environment as well in the displacements of culture.  Let me share with you some reasons why you should give sustainable travel more important now than ever.

  • Environment –  Sustainable travel is important for the environment to be able to preserve the precious flora and fauna of the destination. Ensuring that natural treasure of the place is used effectively and efficiently with minimal impact and pollution on the environment. Sustainable travel can also help in combating climate change by having less carbon footprint during the trip.
  • Culture –  Sustainable tourism is important for the culture due helping and maintaining the locals to remain in the destination. This will help to prevent any socio-cultural displacement of indigenous people of the area. Sustainable travel can help to provide a good and sustainable livelihood for the locals while helping in growing their region.
  • Economic development – Sustainable tourism is important for the economic development of the destination because of its careful planning and implementation of various development to help grow the economy of the place. Implementing appropriate laws that have sustainability in its core values will help setting up good boundaries and management strategies on how to grow the destination with less harmful impact on the environment and people.

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